Our Top 6 Designer Sports Shoes

Designer sports shoes are a very unique breed of footwear, for when you demand the comfort and practicality of athletic trainers, but with that added spark of style, brightening up those bland designs normally associated with these types of shoes. The amalgamation of these two very different styles was a stroke of genius. On paper it was something that should never have worked, yet despite all odds, they gel perfectly.

High end runway brands have combined their never ending years of experience in the fashion industry with the the everyday look of sporting clothing lines, in the process creating the perfect casual and stylish footwear choices. Entwining the typical bright and bold colour schemes with sleek looks and stand out detailing, giving you the fashion edge at the gym or just running errands around town.

Amongst the endless sea of contenders in the designer menswear field of sports shoes, we’ve chosen our top 6 designer trainers from the likes of Burberry, Y-3 and Valentino that rose above the competition, to ensure you’ll always look the part.

Y-3 Kyujo Low Trainers Purple

Y-3 Kyujo Low Trainers Purple


Valentino Blue Rockrunner Sneaker


Lanvin Low Runners In Mesh And Leather Patchwork


Balenciaga Blue Race Runners


Visvim Roland Embroidered Suede And Mesh Sneakers


Burberry Textured Trim Technical Sneakers