8 Of The Most Expensive High Tops This Season


8 Of The Most Expensive High Tops This Season

Every self respecting wardrobe should have at least one decent pair of sneakers nestled inside it. I’m not talking about the overly colourful beaten up pair you wear to the gym, but rather the more subtle and stylish sneakers more akin to adding that special casual touch to an outfit. And with each passing year, there are even more upcoming brands joining the well established designers, adding to the sea of this over flowing market, but this just gives consumers like us even more ways to part with our hard earned cash. With the popularity soaring even amongst the high end fashion houses, this in turn has been pushing the prices up of a lot of sneakers, with some readily going over the £1000 mark. But what are some of the most expensive high tops available right now? Well let’s take a look and see which styles this season will be making your bank manager run for cover.


Royaums Limited Edition Python Sneakers – £1016

First on the list is a spectacular pair of Royaums high tops in luxurious Python skin in a multi coloured scheme of brown, blue, yellow and pink. Additionally sporting a glow in the dark rubber sole for those evening outings. They are exclusively available from Luisaviaroma in limited quantities.

Fendi Monster Eyes Hightop

Fendi Monster Eyes High Top – £1060

With high prices comes outlandish designs, and with this pair, Fendi is unsurpassed with one of the more stranger designs of the season. A cross between a sports shoe and a creature escaping from a forbidden crypt. Featuring their oft used trademark eye design combined with ponyskin, spiked studs and fur trims, this pair contains a multitude of eclectic parts to create one very monstrous whole.

Buscemi Screw Leather Hightop

Buscemi 125mm Screw Leather High Top – £1590

Fashion Runway recently featured this new brand of the moment, Buscemi. But with a price tag that is 2nd highest on our list, we could not leave out this striking pair of shoes. An all black colour with gold studding around the ankle and not forgetting their padlock detailing.

Berlutti Playtime Burnished Hightop

Berluti Playtime Burnished Leather High Top – £1100

An amalgamation of formal footwear and casual sneakers, the Paris based brand Berluti has combined the 2 almost seamlessly for a sneaker that will get its fair share of admirers, especially with its classic brown burnished leather look.BORIS BIDJAN SABERI  DIRTY NAPPA LEATHER HIGH TOP SNEAKERS

Boris Bidjan Saberi Dirty Nappa Leather High Top – £939

With a very high ankle design and a purposely dirty nappa effect, this pair of high tops is one of the more stylish without pushing the boundries too far. From the relatively young designer Boris Bidjan Saberi, hailing from Barcelona, these sneakers would be a welcomed addition to any fashionistas armoury.

Versace Medusa Hightop

Versace Medusa High Top – £1110

One of the most renowned fashion houses dips their feet into the sneaker foray, all in black with gold hardware with a massive centre piece on the front of their Medusa head logo. Passersby will stop in their tracks like stone, as they cast their eyes upon your footwear, as if their gaze was met with the Greek Gorgon.A DICIANNOVEVENTITRE  WASHED LEATHER HIGH TOP SNEAKERS

A Diciannoveventitre Washed Leather High Top Sneakers – £1106

One of the more puzzling high priced sneakers, a simple pair in a plain off white colour. For its price point, the brand has taken the unique approach of playing down its expensive tag. Still, it has a very effective design and is hand crafted in Italy giving it extra character unlike many other trainers of its ilk.

Raf Simons Hightop

Raf Simons High Top Sneakers – £998

The final pair in our line up is from the Belgian fashion house, Raf Simons, in a bold black with a stand out vibrant red eyelet for the laces. This AW15-16 pair have a futuristic vibe unlike any other, definitely making them one of the more standout pieces for your feet of the moment.