Top 10 Balmain Mens Jeans For Fall

When it comes to the very best men’s denim, there is only one clear winner, that of course is Balmain. The French fashion house is known for its luxury products and their denim line is no exception, the quality and designs are second to none as you would expect from the premium price they command.

With popularity soaring among celebrities and fashionistas alike, the brand is going from strength to strength. A lot of the credit must go to Olivier Rousteing who took over as creative director for Balmain in 2011. Modernising the brand and taking their rock and rock style even further with more unique and glamorous designs, with most pairs of jeans taking on a distressed biker style, yet never overdone, each pair is breathtaking in its own right.

With such a vast selection to pick from, there is a pair of Balmain jeans for everyone to fall in love with. Let Fashion Runway help you decide which pair to begin your Balmain journey with.

Balmain Washed Cotton Biker

Balmain 18cm Washed Cotton Denim Biker Jeans

To start us off, we have this beautifully washed biker with multiple pockets to store all your essentials. With unique paint splatters ensuring no two pairs will be the same.

Balmain Geometric Waxed

Balmain 18cm Geometric Waxed Denim Biker Jeans

In striking red, with a waxed finish and featuring patterned inserts on the knees, this pair of jeans is a sure attention grabber.

Balmain Stretch Cotton

Balmain 17cm Stretch Cotton Denim Biker Jeans

One to pick if you’re after a more everyday subtle pair of jeans, in a khaki colouring with a slimmer fit.

Balmain Destroyed Biker

Balmain 16.5cm Destroyed Cotton Biker Jeans

In a washed black hue, and a fashionably skinny fit, these Balmain jeans will be a great addition to any wardrobe.

Balmain Brut

Balmain 16.5cm Brut Stretch Denim Jeans

These jeans have an almost untouched raw look, giving of a more sleek edge, offset with the contrasting stitching.

Balmain Destroyed Stretch

Balmain 16.5cm Destroyed Stretch Denim Jeans

With a super destroyed look, with rips, holes and a stunning faded look, this excellent pair of jeans is great for a more casual day.

Balmain Biker Coated

Balmain 17cm Biker Coated Cotton Denim Jeans

This pair of slim Balmain jeans Boasts a dark coated material giving them that unforgettable biker look.

Balmain Cargo

Balmain 16.5cm Coated Stretch Cotton Cargo Jeans

Brilliantly stylish modern take on the cargo pant with a biker twist, featuring multiple pockets and a slim silhouette.

Balmain Sandblasted Biker

Balmain 17cm Sandblasted Denim Biker Jeans

With an extreme sandblasted finish, this pair of biker jeans from the French fashion house is certainly eye catching.

Balmain Biker Washed

Balmain 18cm Biker Washed Stretch Denim Jeans

Last but not least, we have a heavily washed medium blue pair of Balmain biker jeans, with great details which is easily matched to any outfit.