8 Designer Men’s Peacoats For Winter 2015

Is there any item of clothing more eye catching during the winter months than the classic peacoat? An effortlessly stylish piece of outerwear which has been popular for generations. The first peacoats were created over 300 years ago, primarily for sailors who attend to the riggings of sailing boats. Its heavy duty composition was indispensable in protecting them from mother natures unforgiving elements and its simple design has changed very little since its inception, with the Navy still sporting the timeless style.

The peacoats unique name has an interesting history, despite its small green vegetable namesake, it actually derives from the Dutch word ‘Pije’ which basically means coarse wool fabric, as the Dutch had a strong naval dominance around the 18th century, its named across the seas to other nations. There is a conflicting rumour of the names emergence though as a British Merchant in the mid 19th Century created a special coat for petty officers, namely the Petty Coat. This was then abbreviated to P.Coat. This story however is unsubstantiated, but could be a plausible birth of the Peacoat.

As with most practical clothing designs, it wasn’t long till fashion houses saw the magic in this beautifully designed coat. Over the years nearly every designer brand has created their own take on the peacoat. Throughout the last century it has gone from strength to strength, with subtle changes to its design and fabulous colours livening up the basic navy colour. This season is none the less dramatic with unique cuts and hardware adorning the many designer pieces vying for your attention. See our top 10 men’s peacoats for Winter below here on Fashion Runway.

Saint Laurent Peacoat

Saint Laurent Double Breasted Peacoat

Kickstarting our top 10 Peacoats, is the effortlessly cool piece from the French Fashion house, Saint Laurent. Going for the classic look with a sharp cut and slim silhouette. Essential for any wardrobe.

Lanvin Double Breasted Peacoat

Lanvin Double Breasted Double Wool Felt Peacoat

Next up we have more of a military themed take on the peacoat from Lanvin, sporting an olive colouring and frontal zipped pockets and warm quilted lining.

Alexander McQueen Shearling Peacoat

Alexander McQueen Shearling Trimmed Wool Blend Peacoat

This peacoat from the masterminds behind the English brand is definitely a head turner. The coat is a deep dark navy featuring a contrasting shearling trim of camel colouring. The collar is detachable for those occasions you do not want the admiring attention of passersby.

Rick Owens Leather Peacoat

Rick Owens Slim Fit Brushed Leather Peacoat

Rick Owens, notorious for their beautiful leather jackets have turned their hand at creating a stunning leather peacoat. Crafted in Italy using the best lamb leather with a brushed vintage finish. This will definitely be a piece you can wear for many seasons to come.

Faconnable Peacoat

Faconnable Double Lapels Wool Peacoat

Featuring a rather unique design of oversized double lapels, this beautiful Italian peacoat has just enough adventurous traits to make it stand out from the crowd.

Lora Piana Suede Peacoat

Loro Piana Suede Trimmed Cashmere Peacoat

This peacoat from Loro Piana has a fantastic pairing of soft cashmere teamed with a suede trim. Coloured in a striking blue with a silk lining adding to its luxurious feel.

Burberry Prorsum Shearling Peacoat

Burberry Prorsum Shearling Trimmed Wool Peacoat

Expecting nothing less from the world class English based brand, this peacoat is a force to be reckoned with against the competition. With its shearling collar ensuring warmth throughout the frosty months.

Balmain Leather Cashmere Blend Peacoat

Balmain Leather Trimmed Wool And Cashmere Blend Peacoat

Crafted from a blend of wool and cashmere in the brands homeland of France. Leather cuffs, lapels and pockets adorn the coat with the addition of oversized buttons to make the piece really stand out.

Lanvin Burgundy Plum Peacoat

Lanvin Double Breasted Wool Felt Peacoat

The 2nd peacoat to be included from the Paris fashion house, with a classic slim double breasted cut, but with an incredible burgundy plum colour, perfect for the falling of the autumn leaves.

Givenchy Contrasting Peacoat

Givenchy Contrasting Details Wool Felt Peacoat

Last but very far from least, we have this expertly crafted peacoat from Givenchy. A classic looking coat, except for the stand out vibrant red contrasting pockets.