15 Designer & Stylish Men’s Lightweight Jackets for Summer

As summer is finally looming its head over the dark winter clouds, those beautifully tailored coats we painstakingly deliberated over for months will unfortunately have to be relegated to the back of the wardrobe in favour of our brand new summer gear. When summer hits our shores in full force, hopefully the only clothes needed are shorts and t-shirts for those endless blisteringly hot days.

Hold up a minute, let’s wake ourselves up from our dream of a perfect summer, lets remember the unpredictability of our weather from one day to the next, it’s quite reasonable to expect to have to wrap ourselves in something more substantial on those days Mother Nature decides to throw a curve ball at us. For these hopefully infrequent occasions, we have sought out some summer style lightweight jackets to bridge the gap between heavy winter wear and the beach look, yet still keeping our style in check.

These particular pieces of outerwear allow the designers imaginations to run wild with some quite abstract patterns and glorious pops of colour. Some of which are on offer hark back to the long forgotten 80’s styles with some particularly garish colour schemes, yet despite this, something about them just simply works at the very least in a retro way. Crafted in various cloths, such as soft jersey or the more waterproof polyester and nylon, keeping those surprise April showers at bay. Additionally using the thinnest of materials to protect us from those unexpected chilly blasts, but lightweight enough for when the temperature rises. The perfect summer jacket, no?

These lightweight summer jackets are a great addition to your clothing collection and are easily paired with most of your day to day outfits, whether teamed up with your favourite skinny jeans and sneakers or thrown on in a flash for that cool evening stroll on the beach (see our beach fashion essentials here) with your shorts and moccasins. The more fashion forward summer jackets can add that extra visual flair to any ensemble, making sure you stand out from the crowd with their alluring prints and bright colours, others are more subdued, but no less striking with muted colours and functional designs. Each has its own benefits and perhaps owning one of each is optimal, allowing for all possible occasions.

The fashion houses across the board have unleashed their own take on the summer lightweight jacket, but Fashion Runway has done the hard work for you and chosen the top 15 pieces to ensure you won’t be left in the cold on those occasional drab summer days. Which jacket are you buying?


Tim Coppens Slim-Fit Leather-Trimmed Shell Jacket


Fendi Bag Bugs Camouflage-Print Hooded Jacket


Jil Sander Gubbio Slim-Fit Reversible Shell And Cotton Jacket


Kenzo Grey Speckled Shell Jacket


Berluti Seersucker Tech Shell Hooded Jacket


Dolce & Gabbana Dragon-Print Nylon Jacket


Acne Studios Tony Shell Jacket


Moncler Fayence Camouflage-Print Shell Jacket


Acne Studios Blue Iridescent Hooded Wilfred Jacket


Balenciaga Printed Shell Jacket


Gucci Embroidered Tech-Jersey Jacket


Acne Studios Merick Camouflage-Print Shell Jacket


Loro Piana Reversible Windproof And Cashmere Bomber Jacket


Helmut Lang Black & White Labyrinth Anorak Jacket