How To Store Your Winter Scarves

With the ordeal of Christmas behind us, we can finally look forward to the beginning of the warmer months approaching and with that comes the need to soon retire our heavy duty clothing to the back of our wardrobe for another year, or at the very least, until the unpredictable weather calls for an emergency need to break out the winter woollies again! But this itself brings along many problems, especially with storage, and one such item that is possibly overlooked when packing items away, namely the scarf.

Finding your perfect winter designer scarf was a task in itself, so you want to keep your stylish neck warmer looking as good as new, whilst it’s safely hidden away during the summer. Over time it’s quite easy to accumulate a large collection of these fantastic fashion accessories, so storing scarves needs to be practical in order to keep each item easily accessible as well as free from dreaded wrinkles in the fabric. Follow our guide to keep your beloved designer scarf as perfect as the day you purchased it.

Storage Box or Drawer


One ideal method for storing your beloved scarves is using a storage box or drawer, this is the best bet for seasonal scarves such as the winter ones you’ll no longer be needing for the next 7-8 months. Roll up the scarf securely and stack it in the unit, this will ensure no creases form during its storage. This also provides the benefit of each piece being easily visible when you open the drawer, so no need to hunt around to find the correct one. When needed they can just be unravelled open and are ready to wear. Be aware though to make sure the scarves are clean from dirt or debris they may have picked up before packing them away, especially if it’s during the course of the summer months with the increased heat. This will help prevent the dangers of bugs being attracted to the scarves causing untold damage, or the build up of mould and mildew.

A Scarf Hanger


Our alternative method is to use a dedicated scarf hanger to help your predicament. Either chose from one of the multitude of hangers designed specifically for the cause, or you can adapt a standard clothing hanger, such as a standard triangle hanger, or better is to grab a multi-tiered trouser hanger, giving plenty of extra real estate for your collection. Drape the scarf over the bar and let them drape naturally, no more worry about unsightly creases. This method is more ideal if you have only a few scarves, or have the intention of wearing a select few occasionally throughout the year as they are easier to reach. Be sure to keep the hanger out of direct sunlight to protect your fabric from any fading. Ideally in your wardrobe or in a sheltered area of your room.

With these handy tips for storing winter scarves, you can now rest easy in the knowledge that your scarf collection will be in perfect shape once the winter weather rolls around once more. Let us know here at Fashion Runway Blog what some of your favourite designer scarves are!