How To Look After Your Designer Cashmere Sweater

Cashmere, the most illustrious of materials, even its name exudes luxury and quality and has done so for an endless amount of years. It’s soft against your skin, without the sometimes uncomfortable itchiness factor of other knitwear. It also has the advantage of keeping you much warmer than wool, which is an extra bonus this time of the year.

So, it is highly likely you are a fan of cashmere, but are you looking after it like you should? With all its plus points there is always a negative, in this case it’s how delicate it is. You cannot just throw cashmere in the wash with your jeans and t shirts, well not unless you want your designer piece to end up resembling a rag, more akin to what you’d use to clean your car engine. No, the only way to increase the longevity of your knitwear is with the proper care and attention. Allow us at Fashion Runway Blog to run through the best way to wash and store your cashmere knitwear to give them the long life they deserve.

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Washing Your Cashmere Knitwear

Probably the most important thing about looking after designer knitwear, be it merino wool or in this case, cashmere, is the cleaning. It is inevitable that sooner or later your favourite sweater will succumb to the elements and need some kind of clean. So close that washing machine door and get ready for hands on cleaning, literally. One of the instant killers for luxury knitwear is the dreaded washing machine, all that banging around inside is a surefire way to ruin your beloved garment. So make sure you follow these steps below and you will be just fine!

• Firstly get yourself a clean bowl. Fill it up using only cold water, hot water can cause the knitwear to shrink in size or affect the shape. Remember to use a very mild detergent, for delicate and fine fabrics. Some even recommend hair shampoo.

• Make sure the water and cleaning product is evenly distributed in the bowl.

• Gently place your sweater into the bowl and gently squish the water through the fabric with your fingers. Do not wring, squeeze or generally mistreat your garment.

• Once you’ve thoroughly cleaned it, drain the bowl, keeping the sweater in the bowl, then fill it back up with clean and (of course) cold water.

• Now an important point is to make a sort of ball shape with the cashmere sweater, squeezing any water out whilst it’s in its spherical shape.

• Lay the sweater onto a dry towel, then roll the towel up with the jumper inside it, soaking up any excess water.

• Finally, place the cashmere down on to another dry towel, shape the sweater into its correct form, no stretching or pulling on it, otherwise it could dry out of shape. Leave it to air dry safely.

Now you should have a lovely, clean and still in perfect condition, cashmere sweater/cardigan as long as you follow these steps and don’t mistreat it.


Storing Your Cashmere Knitwear

Now you have your lovely sparkling fresh cashmere knitwear, the last thing you want to do is throw it on a pile of your other accumulated clothing, or worse still is to put it on a clothes hanger, causing the sweater to fall badly out of shape.

The only true safe and secure way of storing cashmere or designer knitwear, is to fold them neatly and keep them away from the elements. To ensure your cashmere is as good as new for the longest time, how you store it is critical, here are some points to consider

• Firstly, do not store your cashmere whilst it is unclean, any amount of sweat and grime can attract unwanted bugs such as moths who love nothing more than eating away at your beloved sweater. If you’ve followed our cleaning guide, you should be all set.

• Another point, only store it whilst it is completely dry, avoiding the threat of mould and mildew.

• Fold your sweater neatly, ready to place into your storage area.

• Your storage area ideally needs to be dark and away from the light, as with all materials, cashmere is susceptible to fading from direct sunlight. For extra protection you can even turn the sweater inside out, so if there is any fading it will only be on the inside.

• There is the extra option of purchasing storage bags, if you take this route, find one that has a very fine mesh material. Allowing air to circulate inside, stopping any condensation, but still with enough protection from our hungry bug friends. Also remember to store one sweater per bag. However, it is just fine keeping them neatly folded in drawers. Throwing a handful of mothballs in too.

With these tips, you should be able to store your cashmere sweaters for generations to come. Enjoy your designer knitwear!


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