8 Super Stylish Designer Scarves For Men

Winter is almost upon us, each year the summer seems to whizz by even quicker than the last. However every downside has a positive and in this case, the bright side is we get to wear all those wonderful cold weather clothes we’ve filed to the back of the wardrobe.

One such item which we’ve had tucked away is the classic scarf, the perfect accessory to keep Jack Frost at bay. Soon we will see a surge of stylish examples worn around the town as well as featuring on men’s fashion blogs.

To cheer you up amidst this sudden temperature drop, perhaps its time to stock up on another addition to your scarf family. Remember to chose fashionable ways to tie a scarf, with so many methods, it is easy to get overwhelmed.

The fashion designers have pushed the boat out once again with some truly weird and wonderful pieces to part you from your cash. Beautiful combinations of colours and patterns, mixed with only the very best materials such as cashmere and the luxury of silk.

Our personal favourite scarves include a stunning jacquard patterned print scarf from Etro, Burberry’s ever dependable classic check, and the truly outrageous monster scarf from Jeremy Scott Vintage, inspired by 1980’s toys long gone by. We’ve included our top 8 designer scarves below that will surely impress you, whilst keeping you warm and stylish.


Etro Wool & Silk Jacquard Scarf

Berluti Striped Cashmere And Silk Blend Scarf

Berluti Striped Cashmere And Silk-Blend Scarf


Burberry Wrinkled Classic Check Printed Scarf

Loro Piana Cavalry Two Tone Cashmere And Silk Blend Scarf

Loro Piana Cavalry Two-Tone Cashmere And Silk-Blend Scarf


Elsa Marotto Praying Skeleton Cashmere Scarf

Valentino Printed Cashmere And Silk Blend Scarf

Valentino Printed Cashmere And Silk-Blend Scarf


Jeremy Scott Vintage Monster Scarf

Balenciaga Brushed Cashmere And Silk Blend Scarf

Balenciaga Brushed Cashmere And Silk-Blend Scarf