5 Louis Vuitton Men’s Wallets

Sometimes the smallest of luxury items can be some of the most attractive, no more so than Louis Vuitton’s beautiful wallets from their small leather goods range.

There is a choice for every man looking to store all his essentials in one place with the fantastic variety of pieces available, in materials ranging from Damier canvas, crocodile and the elegant Epi leather. With a huge range of colours and patterns, bright blues and yellows, subtle Browns and blacks and of course the classic Louis Vuitton monogram staple.

If you’re feeling flash there are also a few showstoppers to wow any passer-by who may glimpse as you unveil your wallet, such as the Brazza with the Christopher Nemeth’s silk screen rope motif on its canvas exterior or monogram style with blue V print across the front to spice up the classic look.

My selection of wallets from the current Louis Vuitton collection is below, so make your friends green with envy by sporting one of these wallets. All are available now from Louis Vuitton stores.

louis-vuitton-multiple-wallet-monogram-canvas-small-leather-goods--M61169_PM2_Front view

louis-vuitton-brazza-wallet-damier-graphite-canvas-small-leather-goods--N61211_PM2_Front view