Street Style From Pitti Uomo 89 2016

Once again it’s that time of year for one of men’s fashions most anticipated events, the one and only Pitti Uomo. Held twice a year in one of Italy’s finest cities, Florence, a beautiful location home to many fashion events and designers. First launching decades ago in 1972, originally for local Italian Designers, throughout the years it has gained momentum and worldwide popularity, each year it attracts more and more people, and this year Piti Uomo 89 is no different, boasting a vast array of designers high and low in the pecking order, each adding something unique to the shows events.

It’s not just the fashion designers who get tongues wagging, a lot of eyes will be eagerly awaiting the fantastic street style that accompanies the event. The giant gathering of attendees will be out dressed to impress with an amazing assortment of ensembles to wow onlookers and outdo each other. The most common of looks amongst the crowd is most definitely the suited look, with all sorts of vibrant colours adorning the beautifully tailoring on display. The event is famous for its touch of Dandyism that spreads across the show, giving off an allure of sophistication that is irresistible. Some patrons go that extra mile with top hats, eyepieces and of course expertly styled facial hair to complete that aristocratic dapper look.

This year there has been a slight detour from the norm for some, with a more casual look taking over from the usually dominant sharp suited style. This is giving a fresh new look to the proceedings. Nevertheless, plenty of old school Dandy’s were out in force, choosing to shun this casual upstart look trending across those old Firenze streets. With so much style oozing out of one location, it was painstakingly difficult to narrow down our favourite street style looks, but Fashion Runway has managed to achieve it, finding our favourites from this years show. Check out the photos below of the outfits that managed to rise above the competition at Pitti Uomo.

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