Limited Edition Luisaviaroma MAD Watch Rolex Collaboration

Luisaviaroma MAD Rolex Limited Edition Close Up

Limited Edition Luisaviaroma MAD Watch Rolex

The world famous online retailer LuisaViaRoma, hailing from the beautiful Italian city of Florence, has teamed up with the fantastic watch brand MAD to release an incredibly limited time piece (Only 10 available) to be sold exclusively by the Firenze based store. Time is surely of the essence to snap one up before they are long gone.

MAD came up with the rather novel idea of taking classic watch designs of yesteryear and tweaking them, almost to the extreme to create something uniquely special and undoubtedly modern, yet still managing to hold onto the originals timeless characteristics. This design is definitely a far cry away from the usual more classic approach from Rolex. For this collaboration, MAD has chosen the Milgauss design from the Swiss experts catalogue, first released in 1956 and created it specifically to protect against the effects of magnetism, when worn in electromagnetic locations.

This limited watch release boasts stunning craftsmanship, starting with each piece having its unique number engraved onto the reverse of the case. Turning the watch over, upon its face the MAD and Millgauss branding, hour markers and hands, all have been expertly hand painted in lusciously bright pink. Offsetting this vibrancy is the deepest matte black throughout the rest of the watch to create something particularly striking.

Using MAD’s famed DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) coating, an advanced technology to fuse carbon graphite to diamond, they take this newly forged special alloy and apply it to the simple stainless steel design of the watch, creating the completely all black design. Already used numerous times in high end automobile industry’s and not to mention for space exploration, adding this special material to watch making was clearly only a matter of time!

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