Gienchi Skulls Studded Canvas High Top Sneakers

LuisaViaRoma have once again introduced another exclusive pair of wonderfully different sneakers to footwear lovers. This time they’ve turned our heads to the niche, yet fantastic Italian shoe brand, Gienchi.

Gienchi are a relatively young brand, founded only in 2006 from the creative mind of revolutionary artist and designer Giancarlo Grossi. Born in Lodi, a small town situated very close to the beautiful city of Milan.

The signature look of the Gienchi collection is the unmistakable use of studs on nearly all of their pieces, this surely paved the way for the increase of the spiked love amongst the fashion industry, the look plagiarised by multiple rival brands.

The novel idea of using studs throughout their sneaker range was inspired by Grossi’s childhood, spending much of his youth in his grandfathers mechanic shop amongst the beautiful classic cars housed within. This in turn kickstarted his love of small metal objects such as nails and bolts.

In later years, this gave him the idea of applying small metal objects to his own personal sneaker collection. Wearing these home made creations in and around Milan, caused an a massive interest from onlookers, prompting Grossi to launch the Gienchi brand.

In 2014 Gienchi hit worldwide success, stores from all around the world began stocking these exclusive sneakers, the number of which has reached over 400 plus. Going from strength to strength each year. This year the brand decided upon a slight name change, calling themselves Metal Gienchi in a nod to their roots.

This exclusive skulls and studded sneaker from LuisaViaRoma features all the hallmarks that makes Gienchi so unique. With an all over crisp white canvas base, upon which is a monogram skull print in a blue tint. Featuring the trademark silver studs all across the shoe. Each sneaker is lovingly hand crafted in Italy by expert hands, ensuring a perfect shoe. Team these with a pair of well fitted skinny jeans and tee for that superb casual look.

Available exclusively online from LuisaViaRoma in a small amount of numbers, so be sure to grab a pair before they sell out! Let Fashion Runway know what you think!