A pastel pink and purple outfit for Winter

There’s something about Winter style that can be so boring, colourless and lackluster that it just isn’t fun. Most often we reach for black or grey coats, trousers and umbrellas and often stick to such a muted colour palette, and to be honest, there’s absolutely no fun in that from a fashion point of view.

Colour is beautiful and colour is everything.

I recently saw this gorgeous pink and lilac outfit on fashion blog owner, Rachel Parcell of Pink Peonies and completely fell in love with it. There isn’t one thing about this outfit that I don’t like as even though pinks and purples are generally reserved for Spring in such pastel shades, they work perfectly for Winter too! All you need to add to them is a grey shade, like Rachel did, and it shows that it’s for the colder months.

Rachel is wearing a whole J.Crew outfit here, minus the Givenchy bag, but I wanted to show you that you can re-create a look like this with similar pieces and really spruce up your Winter wardrobe. I’ve found multiple coats, sweaters, boots and bags that would be perfect for a similar style and you can shop them just below. I think everyone should have a colourful, statement coat for the end of the year as it just makes people smile and it helps you to feel alive on such a dull day. I couldn’t love this outfit here more if I tried. Isn’t it beautiful?


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