How To Style A Women’s Leather Jacket In Winter


Ladies, How To Style Your Leather Jacket This Winter

Leather jackets are a staple in both the male and female closet, giving a tough and edgy approach to your outfits. Not only are they stylish and luxurious, but they look amazing when worn with anything as they are extremely versatile. The leather jacket is often seen as a jacket to be worn in Spring or Autumn, when the temperatures are tepid, however you can definitely wear them in Winter and I’m going to show you how!

The best thing you can do for a Wintertime leather jacket is opt for a size bigger than what you would normally wear. I’m not talking about a really oversized and baggy leather jacket as that’s not going to be flattering, but just 1 or 2 sizes up from your normal fitted size as this will leave room for layering underneath. You can see below a few ways on how to style a leather jacket for the ladies and keep warm in the process. None of us want to be cold just to look good, but the good news is, you don’t have to!

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Leather Jacket Layered Over Knitwear


The most common and easiest way to wear a leather jacket in the cold weather is to layer one over knitwear. Depending on the size of your leather jacket, you can fit some really chunky and thick sweaters underneath or layer up on some sleeveless sweaters as well. This will keep your body warm from the thick layering and fabric, be it wool or acrylic, and then the leather jacket will help keep the warmth in and the wind chill out. Due to the nature of leather and how it’s made up, no wind or air can get through the material itself, so it acts as a great insulator and wind breaker if you’re warm underneath already. That’s why you will see a lot of ladies throwing their leather jackets over their knitwear and not flinching in the cold! If you want a thinner layer of knitwear as you don’t want to look too top heavy, opt for 1 size up than normal, but if it’s freezing and you need some chunky fabric underneath, try 2 sizes up. This way works as a base for nearly all these looks below as well.

Coat Layered Over A Leather Jacket


If you live in a much colder climate and regularly frequent the sub zero temperatures, a few more layers might be in order. You can try the above look with the knitwear underneath, but then you might want to throw a nice warm coat over the top to seal in the heat even more. These two ladies above have definitely got the styling right when it comes to wearing a leather jacket in Winter. I think they look amazing and styled this multiple layers look to perfection. Remember to keep your coat open so you can still see the leather jacket, however you have the option of doing it up if the wind is just too much to handle. I’d say opt for a tailored style coat in a neutral shade so it’s not overwhelming and you will look gorgeous! You can also style this look with some hot leather pants too and it wont look ‘too much’ either. The coat will break up the double leather combination and make it look sassy, not trashy.

Leather Jacket With A Scarf & Hat


For those of you ladies who don’t want to cover up your leather jacket as you want it to be the focal point of your outfit, don’t worry, accessories can help! Layering a coat on top might not be for you, but you can always opt for a nice chunky scarf, a hat and some gloves to help keep the warmth in. I find scarves, especially in grey, can really make a black leather jacket pop and look as chic as can be. I wear it this way many times myself, especially with knitwear underneath as well and it’s ideal for cooler temperatures. This might be one of my favourite ways to wear a leather jacket in Winter! I love accessories and layering, it works harmoniously.

Wear A Thick Padded Leather Jacket


If you happen to live in a warmer climate like Miami or California in the United States and Winter only lets you suffer a bit of a breeze and chill, then layering knitwear underneath is probably not the best option as you will end up roasting before you can say the words ‘Anna Wintour’, so definitely keep away from the layers. What you want to do is opt for a thicker/padded leather jacket with a biker style as these offer quilting on them. Wearing a biker leather jacket like this over your simple shirt or t-shirt will provide you with enough warmth and enough shielding from the wind so you stay warm and stylish. These two ladies above certainly know how to rock their leather jackets this way and own it. Obviously this works just as well for Spring and Autumn too if you want to take your leather jacket into the coming seasons!

So, now you have seen 4 ways in which you can wear your gorgeous and edgy leather jacket in Winter’s harsh elements. Make sure you stay warm and toasty by following these steps and layering up, we don’t want you getting sick! Just a little bit of advice before I round this up as well, try not to get your leather jacket soaked in a torrential downpour of rain though. They can survive rain and snow enough, but downpours that are heavy can make the leather wrinkle and shrink up and we definitely don’t want that to happen! How do you wear your leather jackets in Winter? Let us here at Fashion Runway Blog know!

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Images from: Peexo, Mariannan, All Saints, Become Chic, The August Diaries,Β  Symphony of Silk & Pinterest.