IRO Ashville Leather Jackets – 5 Hot Styles For Summer

The IRO Ashville leather jacket has been an icon among celebrities and fashion bloggers for quite a few years now. Being released in an array of colours, both neutral and bright, IRO always hit the jackpot with this as there’s simply a shade for everyone to fall in love with. I know I have, I’m obsessed with the skin/nude shade, grey and coral red, as well as the yellow and blue.

Not only is the cut of the Ashville the perfect blend between biker, fitted and fashionable, it’s slim and it has a thinner leather which makes it look incredibly flattering and not bulky. Featuring a flap pocket on the front, some statement zips and a couple of buckles either side of the jacket that don’t come around to the front, it’s fantastic. It looks just as amazing done up as it does undone, so you really can’t go wrong with the IRO Ashville in my opinion! It’s no wonder celebs are always caught out and about rocking their own version of this hot leather jacket.

I’ve rounded up 5 of the best colours in the IRO Ashville at the moment, for you to choose from as I think they are ideal for the Summer months on the evenings when it’s a little chilly or for those of you who live in a cooler climate. Ranging from nude and grey to red, yellow and blue, there’s a statement or subtle leather jacket here for you to rock and feel absolutely amazing in! I’ve had my eye on the nude one for some time. Let Fashion Runway know which one you love!


IRO Ashville Leather Jacket in Skin


IRO Ashville Leather Jacket in Red

iro leather jacket blue

IRO Ashville Leather Jacket in Blue

iro safran yellow leather jacket

IRO Ashville Leather Jacket in Safran Yellow

iro leather jacker grey

IRO Ashville Leather Jacket in Grey