10 Men’s Designer Denim Shorts

Denim shorts have been around for decades, that fantastic item of clothing combining our favourite cloth mixed with the summer friendly shape of shorts. Any brave soul who has attempted wearing standard jeans in the blistering heat knows it is not a fun experience.

A main summer wardrobe staple of our female counterparts, which started its fashionable beginning in the 70’s with those infamous Daisy Dukes embodied perfectly by Catherine as her character with the same name, in the classic Dukes Of Hazzard TV show. This was a catalyst causing the denim short trend to spread like wildfire around the globe. It wasn’t long before men started indulging in the denim shorts look. The popularity spread to the celebrity circuit, with many popular actors and musicians sporting denim shorts. Lemmy from Motörhead famously donned a particularly short pair that left little to the imagination! Over the course of the following years, the length started to increase to a more conservative level which was a great sigh of relief for many.

Fast forward to 2016 and denim shorts are more popular then ever, with vintage pieces from years gone available from all the classic brands such as Levi’s flying off the shelves, and stars of TV, especially of reality show fame have increased the momentum of this popularity, even to the point where those daring and revealing short shorts are becoming very popular once more. Teamed up with a slim T-Shirt and a pair of cool espadrilles makes for the perfect beach outfit.

The fashion designers have clearly noticed this increased fascination with mens denim shorts and pieces are appearing on the market. With a large selection of different denim shorts available, as well as the aforementioned short length variety, there are much longer lengths and even oversized types available. Some unbelievable pairs are available, such as heavily distressed styles as well as patterned and colourful to brighten up some otherwise plain denim. Fashion Runway have included our favourite 10 pairs below.



Dsquared – Destroyed Stretch Cotton Denim Shorts


Givenchy – Jesus Print Cotton Denim Bermuda Shorts


Dsquared2 – Stretch Cotton Denim Shorts


Saint Laurent – Blue Denim Oversized Shorts


Dsquared2 – Destroyed Stretch Cotton Denim Shorts


Dries Van Noten – Leopard Printed Cotton Denim Shorts


R13 – Blue Denim Ian Shorts


Givenchy – Jesus Laser Printed Denim Bermuda Shorts


Dsquared2 – Washed Destroyed Stretch Denim Shorts


Balenciaga – Slim-Fit Denim Shorts